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Safe environment

The desire for seniors to age at home increases, so it is important to learn and understand the ways that can keep them safe and healthy at home.  There are certain concerns that should be considered in order to maintain a safe home environment.


Different changes are part of the aging process. Age-related sensory loss such as declining vision, hearing or smell can increase the risk of injury. Also for example various diseases and medicines or bone density can increase the risk. Injuries can bring many problems for elderly because takes longer to heal and recover from injury. Because of this, physical environment has a remarkable influence on personal mobility, safety, security and health behavior.

Researches show that 33 % of senior’s trips to the hospital are caused by falls and other accidents at the home and that 48 % of home accident experienced by seniors could be prevented. The very serious risk factors for injuries or accidents at home include:

-                    poor eyesight,

-                    balance issues,

-                    mobility problems,

-                    impaired motor skills,

-                    dementia.