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Preparing Healthy Meal


Which are the healthy procedures of food preparation?

By choosing a manner of food preparation, we change the sensory characteristics of foodstuffs, they are more easily digestible, and they can look and taste better. By choosing an unsuitable preparation procedure we can reduce the nutritional value of a certain foodstuff.

The recommended procedures of food preparation:

-        cooking in a water bath,

-         cooking in steam,

-        cooking under pressure,

-        steaming in own juice,

-        steaming with added fat,

-        steaming with fat and water.


Warning. When preparing food, we avoid baking, grilling and frying at high temperatures.


For the preparation of a healthy menu, the open platform for clinical nutrition was used - www.opkp.si.


-        See documents in Excel.

The research “FINGER” has shown that the combination of the Mediterranean way of nutrition, combined with physical exercise and "brain exercise" helps preserve cognitive abilities in the elderly.

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